Because we believe in the creative abilities of our clients we strive to best protect their interests by making them aware of the limits to their creative freedom and protecting their works against infringements and misappropriation.

We provide legal expertise on every step of the creation and exploitation process.

This may consist of one or more of the following types of services (without limitation)

Contract drafting and negotiation

  • author, talent, model
  • record labels and agents
  • work for hire
  • production and coproduction
  • publishing
  • broadcasting
  • distribution
  • licenses
  • advertising
  • product placement
  • merchandising
  • exchange and cross-marketing
  • trademark agreements (assignments, coexistence)
  • development, maintenance
  • data processing
  • manufacturing
  • equipment and space rental
  • escrow
  • financial guarantee
  • loan
  • equity
  • insurance
  • services

Due diligence, legal advice, training, clearances

  • Due diligence (analysis of the legal issues and of the adequacy of the contractual schemes and processes implemented – e.g. chain of title, GDPR compliance)
  • Legal advice and recommendation on:
    • Intellectual property (IP ownership and legal protection of specific works, acquisition of IP rights)
    • Communication (advertising, privacy, e-reputation)
    • Contracts and commercial operations (sweepstakes, marketing operations, online sales, etc.)
    • Labor law (contractors’ status as regards French social security, employment contract and applicable union agreements, employment of minors, employment of foreign residents)
    • Taxation (tax credits and similar mechanisms)
  • Legal training and guidelines for companies and employees
  • Third party clearances for use of existing property (names, brands, artwork, music, locations, etc.)

Assistance and representation with litigation matters

  • Cease & desist, settlements, assistance with the enforcement of court orders
  • Piracy and counterfeiting
  • Unfair competition
  • False or misleading commercial practices (such as advertising)
  • Breach of contract
  • Communication offences, offences against a person and reputation (libel, slander…)
  • Violation of labor laws

Interfacing with the authorities, professional bodies and third parties

  • Filing documents and applications (licenses, permits, exemptions, financial support, etc.)
  • Assistance for the preparation of responses to official requests
  • DPO services

Translating legal documents