The firm’s invoices include fees, expenses and taxes.

One of the firm’s fundamental values is absolute transparency with regards to its service fees.

Our fees and expenses will only be invoiced to you in accordance with the invoicing principles that you have been presented with and that you have accepted before agreeing to hire us.


The services are generally invoiced on a time-spent basis, by applying an hourly rate (VAT and expenses on top) as agreed with you depending on the complexity and emergency of the task.

An estimate of the total fees can be provided upfront based on the foreseeable circumstances at that time and may be revised during the mission should such circumstances change.

First consultation meetings are payable without delay. Their amount is usually set off against the next invoice issued for the same case, if applicable.

For most straight-forward services for which the amount of work required can be easily evaluated beforehand (i.e. all elements are known in advance and there is virtually no room for fluctuations) a fixed price can be proposed.

Should you wish to hire us for a long-term relationship it is also possible to work on retainer. The retainer is a fix amount payable monthly which secures availability and preferential rates for your business.

Finally, depending on the case, the firm may choose to invoice a part of its fees as contingency fees payable depending on the outcome of the legal assistance or representation, as such outcome will be priorly defined with you.


The expenses to be incurred by the firm when working on your case (such as those relating to: communication – fax, telephone, calls to premium rate numbers, reprography, registered mail and overnight courier, carrier or transportation, proceedings fees – legal stamps, bailiff fees, registry expenses, etc.) will be invoiced on top of the fees and identified separately in the invoice.


The amounts invoiced by the firm are subject to VAT at a rate of 20%. The firms’ VAT number is mentioned on the invoice and allows VAT deductions according to the legal provisions in force.


The legal assistance agreement establishes the applicable amount of the fees as well as the invoicing and payment principles.

A retainer fee and a provision for expenses are generally invoiced upfront and should be paid promptly. The firm cannot be held liable for any refusal to process requests for which it receives no down payment and/or serious payment guarantees.

For any quote request you can write to us here. Quotes requested via our website are provided free of charge.