We have proven expertise in both sectors and deal on a daily basis with matters relating to the production and exploitation of theatrical and audiovisual works of all kinds: fiction, animation, documentary.

Our services include:

  • legal advice (administrative, tax and social security regimes, tax credits, piracy);
  • due diligence (e.g. chain of title);
  • authors’ contracts (adaptation, option, commission, transfer of rights);
  • French and international co-production contracts (executive, financial, production associations);
  • line production contracts;
  • product placement contracts;
  • distribution and sales contracts ;
  • pre-purchase and broadcasting contracts;
  • back catalog transfers;
  • procedures and appeals (CNC, ARCOM, financial administration, administrative courts) ;
  • litigation (piracy, contractual liability);

We provide support for the creation and licensing of audiovisual services.

We can act as agents for artists and authors, which allows us to negotiate the latter’s contracts in their best interests all by having the legal costs incurred borne by the production that calls on their talent. When carrying out this mission, we comply with the rules of our profession of attorneys-at-law (in particular those prohibiting conflicts of interest).