In the early stages of game creation, our team can provide due diligence and advice regarding the circulation of rights (assessment of the production processes and of the contracts entered with the authors/contributors to collective works, rights clearances, option contracts, adaptation contracts, actors’ contracts – motion capture, voice over – sponsorship contracts, advertising and product placement contracts, trademark registration and domain name reservation, development, publishing and co-production contracts, contracts with hardware manufacturers, tax credit applications, assistance with subsidy applications) and consumer law (advice and drafting of TOUs and privacy policies).

We can also assist during the life of the game, in matters pertaining to the various commercial and promotional operations (sales, distribution contracts, promotion services, licensing agreements for various adaptations, merchandising – publishing and manufacturing, management of user-related issues – user-generated content, handling of “cheats”, etc.).

We can also assist with the organization of electronic game competitions and tournaments (eSports).